Equal Rights for All

Australia has it’s first female Prime Minister.  It’s a great move forward for Australia.

So many women in our society are still treated as second-class citizens, whether it’s Tony Abbott telling us that a woman’s virginity is a gift, a church organisation discriminating against pregnant single women, or young girls being told they have to find a man within their faith.  Discrimination abounds.

The Secular Party of Australia has a clear policy on personal freedoms. We recognise that faith-based morality frequently seeks to impose it’s religious views on the entire population, especially when it comes to women.

Faith-based philosophies are likely to try to restrict a woman’s access to proper medical treatment for unwanted pregnancy, they are more likely to dictate the terms of marriage and some faiths have specific laws regarding what clothes are unacceptable to wear.

The Secular Party upholds that all men and women are equal and that equality is a fundamental human right.  We will work toward a secular Australia where all citizens are treated equally.

I call on the current Melbourne Ports representative Michael Danby and Liberal candidate Kevin Ekendahl to join me in giving unqualified support to equal rights for all women, regardless of their religious affiliation or personal circumstances.

It’s not too much to ask, is it?

A vote for me will send a clear message that you value equal rights in a fair and secular Australia.

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4 Responses to Equal Rights for All

  1. Sandra Schneiderman says:

    What an articulate and passionate politician you are Greg. Thankyou for you clarity on behalf of all Australian women.
    All the best, wish I lived in your electorate-you’d have my vote.

  2. Adrian Jackson says:

    I pre poll voted today in Melbourne Ports and my vote was: 1 Secular, 2 Sex, 3 Greens, 4 Liberal, 5 Family and 6 Labor (Danby last). Good luck at the forum on 10 Aug 10 and the election on 21 Aug 10

  3. Thanks Sandra, In Melbourne you can vote 1 for Penelope Green and we’ve got candidates in the Senate too. Check out our candidates on our website

  4. Thanks for your support Adrian, much appreciated.

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