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Moving On

The way forward for our world is to ensure that all people are included in our political process. A secular government is important and vital for the health of our democracy. This blog is now retired. You can read my … Continue reading

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Here’s some questions

Hi, My name is Gregory Storer. You will probably call me Greg, I prefer Gregory, but you know what, whatever works for you. My preferences are often overlooked because they’re just too hard for people to deal with. At times … Continue reading

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To be ignored

Following on from my previous post regarding On Line Opinion, it seems that some people would like to continue to imagine and create their own version of events. One of the issues is whether or not me complaining about the … Continue reading

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On Line Opinion and Me

I’ve been a fan of On Line Opinion for many years now.  It has many interesting articles, lots of comments and can be thought provoking. In November last year, On Line Opinion published an article on ‘homosexual marriage’ by Bill … Continue reading

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Online Opinion

Late last year I raised a complaint with the editor/founder/owner/moderator of Online Opinion on some blogs. The result of this has been a saga of misinformation  by people who are ill informed and happy to create conspiracy theories. This blog … Continue reading

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Election Day

A full day coming up, I look forward to your support! As the votes roll in tonight, I’ll be updating them here on the blog – feel free to drop in occasionally and see how well the Secular Party of … Continue reading

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Gillard Condemned for Doing it Her Way

In the clearest example yet of why we need true secularism in Australia, Gillard has openly stated that she believes Australia has a Christian Heritage1, thereby negating all other immigrants that have arrived in Australia since European settlement and wiping … Continue reading

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Taking it Both Ways

Labor and Liberal in Melbourne Ports really want a bit of both sides of the action in this diverse electorate.  On one side we have about 12% Jewish, and on the other side a large gay population, neither of which is … Continue reading

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Danby needs to respond

My partner Michael has been championing a cause for acceptance of sexuality in the Jewish community for many years. He has taken issue with Michael Danby and Danby’s lack of response over the last twelve months to speak out about … Continue reading

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Taxing the Churches

The Secular Party of Australia estimates that the cost of religion in Australia is at least $30 billion a year. Religious institutions receive many exemptions and benefits.  They don’t pay payroll tax, stamp duty or GST. It’s time to end the rort! … Continue reading

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