Climate Change

The major parties in Australia have been a big disappointment when it comes to climate change.  A well recognised problem is being left unattended, and while there is talk about introducing taxes, putting money into alternatives, nothing is really happening.

The Secular Party has a plan,  we recognise that global warming is significant and a dire, immediate threat to global civilisation.  We need to dramatically reduce our global carbon dioxide emissions.  We must introduce a carbon tax, nationally and internationally.

We have to also tax our coal-fired power stations.  An International Coal Tax needs to be levied on all coal exports, in conjunction with other coal exporters.

The revenue from these new taxes would help us fund the huge investment in alternative energy production.

While the Greens, the Libs and the Labor Parties faff around trying to come to a consensus, you can send a message to them by voting 1 for the Secular Party.  We have a policy that’s ready to go, a policy that is far better than the Greens, a policy that will help our world recover.  It’s better than waiting for God to come help.

Full details of the policy are available on our website.

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3 Responses to Climate Change

  1. Lachlan O'Dea says:

    I like the Secular Party, but this is proof that even those skeptical of religion can be suckered in by a good scare. The case that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are going to cause a climatic catastrophe has not been made. Not even close. The fact that the climate is changing does not prove a) a catastrophe is coming or b) humans are causing it. There has never been a point in the 4.5 billion year history of this planet when the climate has not been changing. An abundant source of energy maywill prove very useful for adapting to such change.

    Everyone, the Secular Party included, is just taking the IPCC’s word on all this. You can do better than that.

  2. Thanks for your input.

    Do you think that humans should:
    1) Reduce pollution and care for the environment?
    2) Ensure that we don’t exhaust all of the available resources without alternative ways of living?

  3. Lachlan O'Dea says:

    Those are important questions, but I feel you’re shifting the debate somewhat.

    1) If CO2 is not causing damaging climate change, then it is not a pollutant (crops actually grow better when more CO2 is available). A carbon tax may well end up wasting a staggering amount of resources to reduce something that isn’t a pollutant.

    2) There’s a huge difference between a gradual move to alternative energy sources (which is already underway) and a massive, painful and artificial intervention in the economy to avoid an impending disaster.

    A carbon tax is a massive cost, resulting in less money for tackling our other problems, including environmental issues such as water use and salinity. The costs to developing countries will be even greater. Deciding the truth or otherwise of the climate catastrophe claims is critical for determining where to spend our limited resources.

    I’m happy to note your support of nuclear power, however. While more expensive than coal, it is at least feasible without a carbon tax. Australia is missing a huge opportunity there.

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