Taking it Both Ways

Labor and Liberal in Melbourne Ports really want a bit of both sides of the action in this diverse electorate.  On one side we have about 12% Jewish, and on the other side a large gay population, neither of which is the majority.  58% are Australian born.

But Danby has been playing it both ways.  In the Jewish media he talks about his Jewish track record, how much the Labor government has spent in the Jewish community over the last three years.  Then at the Jewish News Candidate debate between himself and the Liberal candidate he called the last three years “The Golden Era of Labor and Jewish Schools”.  He’s very proud of that achievment.  Nowhere, to his Jewish voters, has he mentioned anything about gay rights or all the work he has purported to do for the gay community.  He’s strangely silent.

Over at the Melbourne Ports Candidate forum Danby makes no mention of this Golden Era, nor does he make any mention of his strong connections to the Jewish community.  He spoke about his great achievements and that of the Labor Government, but not once did he mention the hundreds of millions of dollars the Labor party has spent on Jewish schools.  That piece of information was kept quiet.

Now in rides Kev Ekendahl, astride the cash cow and promises the Jewish community $15 million for Jewish Schools.  In the loudest “Me too!” I’ve heard in years, the Liberals are bending over backwards to secure the prized Jewish vote.  Nowhere in his advertising in the gay media has Kev mentioned anything about his promises to the Jewish Community, and again, nowhere in his communication with the Jewish community does he mention he’s gay.

These two really do like taking it both ways.

Cut the crap.  Are they really so selective that they want to keep the two demographics of their potential voters apart?

Melbourne Ports deserves better than a couple of party hacks who will play the audience for fools, tell them only the nice bits, and ignore the tough bits in fear that it will cost them precious votes.

When you stand at the polling booth, ask yourself do you really want this sort of deceit from your elected representatives?  No?  Then you know what to do.

Vote [1] Gregory STORER in Melbourne Ports.

Vote [1] Penelope GREEN in Melbourne.

Vote above the line for the Senate and mark the Secular Party as [1] in Group R

We deserve to be represented by people with integrity, not hopefulls who only pander to sectional interest for the sole purpose of getting elected.  You need someone who will represent your views, without favouritism based on  religious lines or party politics. Melbourne Ports needs better representation and I can do that.

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4 Responses to Taking it Both Ways

  1. Colt Baxter says:

    Cheap shot. You know what they say about ignorant people who lack intelligence and insight…. when you’re left with nothing you can always resort to blatant homophobia, there is bound to be some appeal to other ignorant people. Fortunately as time passes people like you are dying out.

  2. nick says:

    colt my friend,
    you could not possibly be more wrong.
    secular humanists are growing in number, fuelled by morons like yourself.
    the above story is not in any way homophobic.
    you are one to be throwing around insults like “You know what they say about ignorant people who lack intelligence and insight”, read your own nonsense mate. then re-read the article. then read the secular party’s policy detail. they are AGAINST discrimination based on sexual preferance.
    you should feel like a real dill.

  3. Phil Leahy says:

    Thanks for your post Gregory,
    It speaks volumes. I agree with Colt. Cheap shot!

    You have no hope in Melbourne Ports.
    BTW. Your blog is a Google Page Rank = 0 for good reason.

  4. Thanks Phil – perhaps you and Colt can get together and explain what the cheap shot is.

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