Same-sex Marriage – Where is Danby?

On Saturday  Equal Love ran rallies across Australia to highlight the issue of same-sex marriage.

On August 13th 2004 the then Howard Government inserted into the Marriage Act a clause that made marriage between one man and one woman, the Labor party supported the legislation.

Gregory Storer - Secular Party - at the Equal Love Rally - Aug 14 2010

Gregory Storer - Secular Party - at the Equal Love Rally - Aug 14 2010

The Liberal and Labor Parties have to date refused to make any move on the issue.  At the recent Candidates Forum Danby said that he supported same-sex marriage, and yet the Prime Minister continues to tell us that the policy of the Labor Party will not be changing, Ekendahl also promised to cross the floor to vote in favour of ‘equality’ although he gave no undertaking to vote for ‘marriage’ for all.

Yesterday, where were they?  For all their talk about how important this is, the people of Melbourne Ports are entitled to know why they weren’t leading the charge with their placards of nicely snapped portraits with their “VOTE FOR ME!”   It would have been an uncomfortable march for them, but it really would have shown the community how important they think equality is.  They could have explained their personal position and then explained how they will change the unfair law within their parties.

The Secular Party of Australia is the only party that will deliver equality for all, we firmly believe that the separation of religion and state is needed to stop religion influencing our laws.

The continued attack on the equality of all Australians by the Catholic Church, the Australian Christian Lobby and Family First needs to be kept in check.  Our laws need to be made on secular grounds, with rational reason.  Nobody is asking, or expecting, the churches to embrace ‘gay’ marriage, but the law must be for all Australains, not a law that Christians wish to enforce on everyone.

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3 Responses to Same-sex Marriage – Where is Danby?

  1. Greg Adkins says:

    You are “gilding the Lilly” a tad Greg!

    Moves were made by Rainbow Labor and many within the ALP to change their national platform at their last national conference. As Labor’s Melbourne candidate, Cath Bowtell reminded the community at a forum yesterday, the next national conference for Labor is in 2011 – next year! Just as the Victorian ALP policy was changed to support same-sex marriage during 2010, the national ALP conference is the vehicle for changing their policy to allow same-sex marriage. One passed as national policy, there is no impediment for a Gillard Government to change the marriage Act. It might be a great idea for people to get behind the efforts of Rainbow Labor and their many straight supporters in the AVP to achieve this.

    The same cannot be said about progress in the Liberal Party. Nothing will move the conservative megalith represented by Tony Abbott.

    And if Abbot takes Government there will be not change. So you should be recommending preference flows to the ALP ahead of the Libs.

    Now on “marriage” as the ONLY catch-cry, or “marriage” AND Civil Unions… the only way to achieve EQUALITY is for both “marriage” and Civil Unions to be available for all in our society regardless of gender of the partners seeking relationship recognition.

    Unless we have both marriage access and Civil Unions we risk labeling the relationships of anyone in the gay and lesbian community not wanting marriage a being second class. Let’s get real and seek both “marriage” and a national Civil Unions approach.

  2. I’m sure that the Labor Party will have an interest in changing their policy, however why should I be interested in the internal workings of the Labor Party. You go sort it out and let me know once the policy has been changed. Just now it’s not on the agenda. Gillard has made it well known that the policy is one man, one woman. All the talk is just that, until you’ve changed the policy you’ve got nothing.

    On the other hand, other Party’s have a policy, ready to go. The Labor Party are just too slow and need a good kicking to get them moving. If you think they should get a bloody move on, and move Australia Forward, then take action now and vote for someone that actually supports your position instead of just giving you lip service.

    Why wasn’t Danby out there flying his flag at the rally? Where were his supporters carrying the placards, he speaks so highly of his efforts but was a no-show. So much for that support!

  3. Chris Gill says:

    Greg A and all those working for G&L equality within the ALP should be supported and applauded.

    So should those working for this within the Liberal Party, the Catholic church, the Australian Defense Forces and in workplaces like Death-Ray Chemicals Pty Ltd (I just made that last one up). Each and every effort makes overall success more likely.

    I think Greg A’s work in the ALP will be strengthened if a strong election result can be shown for candidates like Greg S and the Greens who unequivock… ineviquiv… clearly state support for equality.

    The leadership of the ALP (and the Death-Ray Chemicals Board) need to be shown that support for G&L equality is an asset, not a liability.


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